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Ginger Kudzu Tea + Ceylon Cinnamon 100% Organic & Natural, 90 g

[Not keto per se but worth reading!] When you are feeling sick and don't have much appetite, kudzu tea is great. Kudzu ginger tea is a common remedy in Japan when you don't feel well. It is smoothing, warms your body, and it is very easy on your tummy. It also has some effect on relaxing your muscles.

Yes it is not a keto-friendly tea as kudzu is pure starch, but it is one of the best quality, nutrient-dense carb with numerous health benefits. Here is how.

When to drink

Throughout the day, if you are not on a strict keto diet, you can take it as snack when you are hungry. Many people do mini fasting with kudzu. Kudzu can make you feel satiated for a long time.

Drinking it increases the blood circulation, making your body warm, so if you work in an office with a full blast of air-condition, this tea can really help you. Ginger & cinnamon's anti-inflammatory property helps your body to fight the pathogens when you start to feel sick.

Are you suffering from morning sickness? You may find kudzu tea smoothing. It helped me to get through my pregnancy when I could not eat anything at all. 

Is it keto?

Again, if you only look at macros, no, it is not keto. It is pure carbohydrate. However, it can be included in low-carb diets especially when you incorporate carb refeed / protein fasting .

What is protein fasting and how to incorporate this in your low-carb/ketogenic diet? Protein-fasting can start a process called autophagy in your body, which is a self-cleaning process of your cells. I personally find protein-fasting with kudzu more rewarding than the Bulletproof protein-fasting with a lot of fat. You can try both and find out. Some people take kudzu tea with MCT oil.


Wild-harvested kudzu root starch, organic Ceylon cinnamon powder, organic Thai ginger powder (Total 90g)

Expiry date

April 2020


You need 1-2 tablespoons of mixture to half a cup of hot water. Add a small amount of water to make some paste first. Then mix the rest of the liquid, cook and stir in a pot until kudzu turns from milky to more transparent and become sticky.

2 tablespoons would make thick, sticky kudzu tea. If you prefer more fluid texture, use one tablespoon to half a cup of hot water/milk. Adjust according to your taste.


1. Chilled: If you chill the mixture in the fridge, it becomes a very smoothing cold drink.

2. Sweetened: use raw honey or erythritol (zero carb edition)

3. With milk: dairy milk, nut milk, coconut milk can be used instead of water. It will be like pana cotta. Sweeten as required.

4. With fruits: some apple mousse for example if you generally have little appetite (or for your children).

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