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Organic Apple Pie Spice Mix, 50G

We LOVE our Organic Apple Pie Spice Mix - it is perhaps the most delicious spice we use every day because the scent just makes us so happy. What do you think when you smell? Do you think of autumn? Grannie's apple pie?

Ours are slightly different than a classic mix of Apple Piece Spice mix:

We use Ceylon cinnamon, aka True Cinnamon, instead of cheap 'fake cinnamon' (Cassia cinnamon) which contains much higher amount of coumarin, which can be damaging to the liver and nervous system.
Ceylon cinnamon has milder, sweeter flavor. It is just so delicate.
Instead of Allspice, we use clove powder. Why? Because we wanted this spice mix to be milder, without much peppery overtone.
A dash of cardamom was added to add a beautiful accent. In small amount, it is incredible! You have to try it!


organic Ceylon cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and cardamom

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