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USDA ,EU Organic Certified

Organic Chia Seeds from Peru

Chia seeds have been used by the Mayans, Aztecs and Tehuantepecs as a source of food and medicine with powerful anti-inflammatory properties for centuries. Dr. Oz recently named chia seeds one of the top five supplements women should take, touting its high fiber content (11 grams in just one ounce—three times what you'll find in oatmeal), which helps you feel full more quickly and therefore eat less food in general. 

Packed with beneficial proteins and omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids chia can help delay the ageing process and boost the immune system. Furthermore they boast vitamins A,  zinc, magnesium, pottasium, calcium and sodium! 

Chefs rely on the neutral-tasting seeds to thicken soups, since when you immerse them in liquids, they become somewhat gelatinous, making the broth creamier. They are also great when sprinkled on granola, cereal, salads or even ice cream and frozen yogurt. Or of course you can always just keep it simple and eat it plain!

Origin: Peru

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