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Healthy Mate Raw Forest Honey 1,345 ml

Raw organic forest honey

Certified naturally organic product.

**Organic forest honey LIMITED EDITION**

Raw organic honey

                HappyMate Honey is extracted only from the best quality honey of the year. From the deep jungle, extracted directly from the “real” beehives without any heating process by the trained hill tribe people. Every bottle of HappyMate honey contains flecks and specks of 100% natural organic ingredients such as pollen, propolis and bits of honeycomb. HappyMate honey is completely unrefined, and unheated in order to keep the “crown jewels” such as enzymes that are valuable to your health. In compliance with the organic Agriculture Standard of Bioagricert, trained hill tribe people only use bees to harvest nectars from wild flowers found only in deep jungle to avoid contamination from toxin pesticides fertilizers.


Ingredients : Raw organic Honey 100%

Storage : Store in room temperature

Origin : Thailand

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