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Premium organic matcha, Enzo,113g

          137x Antioxidants than Brewed green tea double the Taste of brewed green tea great for skin heath boost metabolism improve focus high fiber burn calories

Ingredients : 100% Organic Matcha

How to use

          Drinking : Add milk for lattes, Matcha is also great with smoothies for sustainable energy boost and mental alertness.

          Baking : Add a minimum of  2 teaspoon per cup of other base baking ingredients to add the green tea flavor.

          Matcha works wonders with other flavors like vanilla, cinnamon, etc. but often get overpowered by chocolate&coffee

Serving Suggestions

          Enzo Premium Matcha powder has a emerald green color with soft green fragrance with smooth earthy texture and mild natural sweetness perfect any recipe, desserts & especially drinks. Simply add a teaspoon of matcha powder to your favorite food and drink to add that amazing fresh green tea flavor.

Paying it forward.

          It’s our mission to pay our profits forward by fulfilling our responsibility to the world and giving back. Our mission is to improve the world’s appetite for charity. To do so, we are giving back 10% of profits for every bag sold.

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