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The white tea essential oil has antibacterial properties and kills the damaging mold bacteria. The fragrance of white tea essential oil is also pleasant and soft.

White tea essential oil benefit
*Helps to relax extremely well: the aroma of white tea essential oil strong but soothing. This helps to soothe your nerves and stimulate the brain at the same time.

*Clear Dark circles: Since the white tea oil is rich in antioxidants and astringent, it will prevent inflammation of the blood vessels beneath the soft skin around the eye area. Therefore, it helps treat swelling, puffiness as well as dark circles.

*Preventing wrinkles: White tea essential oil contains anti-aging compounds as well as antioxidants that make skin more intense and reduce the appearance of wrinkles

*Moisturizing: Use the essential oil of white tea for oily skin to work as a great moisturizer because it penetrates into the skin quickly, providing moisture to the skin from the inside but not making the skin oily and shiny.

How to use : 3-5 drops for the diffuser or more depending on your area dimension.

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