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Natural Dish Washing Detergent (Natural Kaffir Lime Essential oil) 500mL 
Our dish washing detergent is concentrated and therefore, it can be diluted by 3- 5 times before use. If you do not reduce the concentration of detergent, you should take only half the usual amount compare with the usual volume used with other detergents. This detergent can be used to wash baby’s bottles, kitchenware and sanitaryware. Our detergent is easy to rinse off so it will conserve water. It is biodegradable.

Ingredients : Refind water, Lauryl Glucoside, Fermented Organic Fruit Fluid (EM), Alkily Polyglycoside, Glycerin, Chitosan Solution, Natural Kaffer Lime Essential Oil, Sodium Citrate

Origin: Thailand

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