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Sausage Spicy Chilli, Salmon Sausage, FishFit


ü  Delicious with Premium Norwegian Salmon

ü  No MSG, No Flour

ü  No Preservative, No Nitrate and Nitrite

ü  Low cholesterol

ü  High Protein

ü  Contain Omega 3, 6, 9 and DHA, EPA from Salmon


Cooking instruction

-          The package is microwavable

-          Tear package at the tear spot

-          Cooking instruction

§  Microwave 30-45 seconds (Lesser than 800 Watts)

§  Grill on the pan without/Boil in hot water for 3 minutes (70-80)

§  Time of cooking depend on temperature

Storage : sausage should be kept at 0-4 and after open, please consume within one time


Ingredients : Salmon 60%, Surimi 20% Seasoning, Spices, Water 20%




Product of Thailand

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