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Free-Range Chicken Wing, 4 wings, 360g -380g

Local free-range, chicken thighs. Antibiotic and growth hormone free.

Soruce has been tested by Central Lab thailand that free from anitbiotics and have been treat with three type thai herb for healthy growth.

This chicken has been free range raise in 60 day and allowed to feed themselves freely with variety of natural food which they find in the ground. Farmer also add in cereals such as corn to help chicken meat softer. Ground soybean for boosting protein. Acacia leaf which high in protein also provide to the chicken. The most important natrual protein souces found in the ground is crickets,termites and larva to allowed chicken healthy growth.


Packaging : Vacumm pack of 4 wings

In 2019, we are changing the supplier for free range chicken who can provide us the test report time to time.

Price is slightly increase compare previous but we are sourcing and ensure the best for our customer. 

*Note: Weight varies between 360-380  grams depending on the size of the breast*

Product of Thailand, Khao Yai 

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