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Activated Charcoal, Ultra Fine Powder, Healtholicious, 100 g

Activated coconut charcoal can help the body to eliminate all kinds of toxins from low quality processed food and environmental pollution. It is one of the most efficient detoxifying substance known to mankind. Its porous surface can 'adsorb' a lot of toxins, gas and pathogens and they are eliminated safely through the digestive system. 

The porous surface has a negative electric charge that attracts positively charged unwanted toxins and gas, how cool is that!

It can promote a healthy digestive system, consequently improves your cellular health. It could also improve various symptoms of toxin-related inflammation such as allergy, low immune system and aging. Yes, GUT HEALTH is important!

It is helpful to take activated charcoal especially when you are on a weight loss journey, as toxins tend to be stored in the adipose tissue (fat) and when it is broken down, toxins are released together into your body. Activated charcoal can bind these toxins and eliminate it safely.

Net weight: 100 g

How is it made?

It is made entirely from coconut shells, which were burnt with heat exceeding 1000 degrees Celcius and pulverized into very fine powder. The process makes the charcoal very porous, one teaspoon full of activated charcoal has more surface area than a football field. It is PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE.

When to take:

You can take it daily to thrive in an overly toxin-filled environment. Take activated charcoal especially when:

  • You eat out at restaurants or eat processed junk foods
  • You drink bad quality coffee
  • You’re drinking any alcohol
  • You feel moody or tired
  • You’re traveling, especially air travel 

How to take orally:

Add 1 tablespoon (around 1.5 g) to one cup (250 ml) of purified water in a shaker jar, vigorously shake until well mixed, then drink. It has no taste and it is quite easy to take it.

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