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Natural aromatherapy energy mists from Bliss Nature’s Alchemy. These alcohol-free aromatherapy sprays are handcrafted with Love and Good intention from the Heart to bring happiness, joy and relaxation to your life as it does for the people who make them. The ingredients are made with premium quality Mineral Water, energized with crystals blended with 100% Natural Essential Oils and Sea Salt. Every bottle contains Healing Crystals and fused with Reiki energy for best benefits and total well-being.

Available in 2 scents:

  • Self Love - Rose, Geranium, Lemon, Peppermint, and more

Scent NoteA sweet floral note with a hint of mint and citrus

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart

A perfect blend to use for opening of the Heart Chakra promoting love and any emotional healing of the heart and throat to be in balance.

  • Sweet Dreams - Lavender, Patchouli, Wintergreen, Orange, Geranium and more

Scent NoteCalming soft scent with Minty aroma top note

Chakras: Crown, Throat, Solar Plexus, and all seven chakras

Helps to calm your mind and nervous system as you prepare for your sleep. The blend is inspired to bring you in to a state of deep sleep and relaxation.

**please note this is not a perfume and will not last the whole day. Recommended to spray several times during the day as per instructions. Safe to use on children above 5 years old.

Origin: Product of Thailand

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