Rice & Noodle

100% Organic Multigrain Quinoa Spaghetti 200g
100% Organic Multigrain Quinoa Spaghetti 200g§  Gluten free§  Non-GMO§ &nbs..
Black Jasmine Rice 1Kg
Black Jasmine Rice 1Kg Benefits of Black rice1.       Builds im..
Buckwheat Noodles (Soba) Gluten Free, Organic, 300gm
Due to their buckwheat content, soba noodles are a slow-releasing carbohydrate, meaning they're a so..
Bulgar Wheat, 500gm
Bulgur is wheat that’s been parboiled, dried, and cracked into nibbly bits. It cooks fast and tastes..
Instant Baby Oat 500g
Oats are very healthy and have really caught the eyes of the world recently. This is mainly for the ..
My risotto perfetto, Porcini Mushroom, Gallo Dal1856 175g
My risotto perfetto, Porcini Mushroom, Gallo Dal1856 175gLess than 2% fat With My risotto per..
Organic Barley Pearl, 500g
USDA,EU Organic Certified..
Organic chia seed Ramen, 300 grams
Organic chia seed Ramen, 300 grams §   Cooked in just 3 minutes§   No ..
Organic Egg Pasta, Mei-Noodles, Bio Organic 250g
With Egg, Mei-Noodles, Bio Organic 250gAll natural, not deep-fried. Low in fat and caloriesIngredien..
Organic pasta alphabet tricolore,250g,  alce nero
Organic pasta alphabet tricolore, 100% Italian durum wheat 250g, alce nero Ingredients &n..
Organic Quinoa Black,250g
USDA,EU Organic CertifiedQuinoa is an amino acid, vitamin, mineral & fiber rich complete protein..
Organic Quinoa Trio, 1 kg
Organic Quinoa Trio, 500gram packing X 2 Save 10% when you buy 500gram X 2 USDA,EU Organic..
Organic Quinoa Trio,500g
USDA,EU Organic CertifiedA mix of white, red and black quinoa this will add great color and vitamin ..
Organic Quinoa, Red, 250g
USDA,EU Organic CertifiedMuch like rice, quinoa too comes in different colors - white, red and black..
Organic Wholegrain Pasta, Mie-Noodles, Bio, Organic 250g
Wholegrain, Mie-Noodles, Bio, Organic 250gAll natural, not deep-fried.Ingredients : Wholegrain Durum..
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